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Why Hospitals are Facing Shortage of Oncologists?

Growing Demand for Oncologists Technological advancements in medicine have resulted in age longevity of America’s already growing population. This has allowed an increase in the record number of cancer cases diagnosed every year along with number of survivors and deaths … Continue reading

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How Value Based Care Is Transforming The Oncology Practice?

There is a new way in healthcare industry which is transforming how practices used to perform. Majority of the medical practices are now using value-based model which helps in reaching ultimate goal of optimized reimbursements. It offers a comprehensive value-based … Continue reading

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Warning: These 5 Billing Mistakes can destroy your Oncology Practice

Keeping up with tradition of the policy makers with regards to Oncology medical billing and coding altercations, healthcare payer demands and physician revenue, the 2016 has witnessed lots of changes. However with this evolvement, the rate of errors that a physician’s facility or hospital billing … Continue reading

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Oncology billing and Coding – What you should know and what you shouldn’t?

When we talk about Oncology billing, one of the most important aspects that a practitioner relies on is the precise documentation that reflects time, resources, pinning down the exact procedure codes. As an Oncology doctor treats one of the most critical patient … Continue reading

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Enhance Revenue Collection with Specialized Radiation Oncology Billing Services

Medical billing and collection process has become extremely daunting over the years. Whether you have an in-house billing department or you plan on outsourcing, it is extremely important to collect the payment due at patient visits. Similar to other specialties, … Continue reading

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