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Opening a New Clinic is Like Giving Birth to a New Life

Anything fresh and new is always exciting. To see one’s long cherished dream being actualized can be an out of body experience for many. All those sleepless nights, dreams, constant flow of thoughts, aspirations and asking a million questions before … Continue reading

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Reaping Benefits of Pay-for-Performance through Outsourced Billing and Coding Services

Idea of paying medical providers for their performance has found many backers in the US. According to the supporters, pay-for-performance will remove bad incentives from the current system and stop doctors from performing unnecessary tests and hospitalization of patients. This … Continue reading

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Importance of Striking the Right Balance between Hospital Billing and Medicare Cut

Hospitals are facing challenges due to Medicare cuts and funding changes. As the Affordable Care Act will settle into place in 2014, small rural hospitals will have to face various concerns such as, significant Medicare payment reductions and new payment … Continue reading

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How Streamlined Hospital Billing Can Increase Patient Satisfaction

Patient billing is one of the major complaints that patients have when it comes to the total experience of getting medical care. If your hospital is relating patient satisfaction to the patient’s clinical experience, an important aspect is being missed … Continue reading

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Have you Planned your Financial Goals for your Practice in 2014? Ask your Billing Service for Help

The healthcare industry is going through a dynamic yet unstable time, forcing practices to recognize their ability to change and focus on strengthening their financial health. Medical practices need to set financial goals every year in order to stay focused … Continue reading

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Adapting to Evolving Trends and Billing Practices in Oncology Medical Billing

Dental medicine is often seen as a highly profitable healthcare stream with guaranteed long term returns. However, what most people fail to understand is the amount of complex planning and execution that goes into acquiring and maintaining that sustained level … Continue reading

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Boosting Revenues and Avoiding Audits by Streamlining your Gastroenterology Medical Billing Process

Gastroenterology medical practices have evolved exponentially in the past decade due to changing patient demography. With more and more procedures and treatments coming under the purview of Gastroenterology treatments due to medical advancements, coding changes are also happening at frequent … Continue reading

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