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Things You Don’t Know About Orthopedic Billing. Ask The Experts !

No matter what the nature of your specialization is, medical billing for Orthopedics is an uphill task. Most generally, orthopedic practices thrive on efficient billing practices that help in streamlining revenue cycle management by cutting out delays and minimizing stress … Continue reading

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Responding To Growth-Induced Orthopedic Medical Billing Needs with Specialist Intervention

Orthopedics have been on upward growth trajectory thanks to a host of conducive factors – continued pro-orthopedic Medicare reimbursement reforms, innovative care procedures, breakthroughs in orthopedic technology and anesthesia administration have largely been responsible for upsurge in practice volumes. The … Continue reading

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Insurance Underpayments, the Issue That is Plaguing Orthopedic Billing the Most

Insurance underpayments continues to be a major concern for medical practices across the United States; more so for orthopedic surgeons, who, despite serving in a more critical specialty, find it hard to fully recover their medical cost. Because most of … Continue reading

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Orthopedic Billing Specialist to Take Care of CPT Code Changes Made to Orthopedic Surgery Billing in 2013

This year’s CPT Manual has spelt out extensive coding changes and revisions to orthopedic surgical codes.  In all, there are 500 code changes to the Category I codes, including 251 revisions, 151 new codes and 100 deletions. Moreover, there has … Continue reading

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How Specialized Billing Service Helps Prevail Over Unique Orthopedic Billing Challenges

Orthopedic billing has its own share of challenges that seem to get complex with changes in orthopedic-specific CPT codes and modifiers every year or as deemed fit whenever by the governing body for monitoring and recommending coding changes. Quite parallel … Continue reading

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Are Orthopedics Justified in Embracing HIPAA Compliant Orthopedic Billing to Boost Their Reimbursement

Reimbursements have generally been tight recently for orthopedics – Medicare cuts, shrinking fee schedules, increased technology intervention in medical billing, and a multi-payer environment that is more vigilant than ever have really made it tough for orthopedics to realize their … Continue reading

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