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How to Do Orthopedic Medical Coding?

Orthopedic coders need to keep up pace with the coding changes. Even a small coding error can lead to a potential fraud and result in a claim denial. There is a strong need to minimize the time being spent on … Continue reading

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Streamline Orthopedic Billing to survive Medicare Cuts

Rising healthcare costs and declining Medicare payments and are two key business challenges being faced by orthopedic practices. Due to the drastic impending cuts in professional fees, providers are finding it difficult to run their business smoothly. Many physicians have … Continue reading

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How can Outsourcing Help Identify and Solve Orthopaedic Billing Challenges

2013 brought new changes to orthopedic billing and coding, making timely reimbursements even more daunting for physicians. At a time when reduction in fee schedules and Medicare cuts have affected the financial health of orthopedic practices, preparation for ICD-10, compliance … Continue reading

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The Significance of Responding To Orthopedic Medical Billing and Coding Dynamics!

In today’s challenging billing scenario, Orthopedic physicians and surgeons are facing increased pressure due to increased billing challenges.  Extensive coding changes and revision have been introduced by the CPT Manual this year (2013), further impacting Orthopedic reimbursement in a big … Continue reading

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Minimizing Delayed Payments and Revenue Loss with Streamlined Orthopedic Medical Billing

With the introduction of new coding and billing changes for Orthopedics in 2013, reimbursement and timely billing has become even more challenging. Orthopedic physicians are facing Medicare cuts and their fee schedules are reducing. It has become vital for them … Continue reading

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