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Relative Value Units (RVU): Independent Physicians Need To Know

For managing finances, a computation of values or a formula is used in the United States Medicare for reimbursement of independent physicians. Known as Relative Value Units (RVUs), it was devised in 1988 to calculate the work rendered by physicians … Continue reading

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What type of Reports does your Medical Billing Company provide you to be aware of the revenue status?

It is essential for physician facilities to track monetary performance metrics, as every dollar that falls through the cracks can create an adverse and irredeemable impact on the practice. So, the moot question that arises here is, have you set … Continue reading

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Who Wins the Medical Billing Race- In-House or Outsourced Billing Services

Medical billing is one of the most complex procedures in every practice. The standing question for most practices remains the same- whether to retain an in-house billing or outsource it to professionals. Although the answer to this largely depends on … Continue reading

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7 Checklists before you Outsource your Podiatry billing services

  It is a known fact that a healthcare facility’s billing department can create or ruin revenues. Hence, as goes for other practices, podiatry billing too needs to be precisely billed and compensated for all its efforts. Sometimes, the billing … Continue reading

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Mind Boggling Medical Billing facts

It’s all about Billing, Billing, Billing – Ringing in the cash revenues! Here are some mind boggling Medical Billing facts that affect healthcare revenues impacting the Revenue Cycle Management Process and medical billing practices The total market size of outsourced … Continue reading

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Medical Billing Best Practice Checklist

Medical billing is one of the major aspects of medical practices and healthcare. Since it is a healthcare business, the businessmen should ideally not always focus on making unreasonable profits from the families of sick patients. The rates charged should … Continue reading

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