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Strategies to save money on Podiatry medical billing

As the case is with numerous medical practices, Podiatry practitioners are also reeling under the increased pressure to enhance their revenue cycle, while diminishing their overhead. One of the best time sinks in a podiatry practice is error free billing and coding. And going by the … Continue reading

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Avoid basic errors affecting Urology billing

  It is critical in today’s economy to get accurate, entitled, and timely reimbursements for all the healthcare services provided. Billing demands accuracy, and the financial strength of any practice depends on the same, including urology. Here are ways in … Continue reading

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3 mistakes people make while choosing to outsource medical billing

  Outsourcing medical billing and coding services are required when the healthcare facility or the solo practitioner are becoming a challenge, collections/revenues are steadily going down, billing processes are inefficient, there is high staff turnover, training and technology costs are … Continue reading

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How Can Outsourcing Help Better Position Your Practice for Pay-for-Performance?

Pay-for-performance programs are a great way of rewarding health care providers but do you have the time and resources to make your medical practice eligible for such rewards? There is no doubt that these programs provide encouragement to doctors and … Continue reading

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