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Let your prime focus be on Patient Care!

Somewhere along the way you decided to become a medical practitioner and use that knowledge to help and treat people. You didn’t spend all those years studying medicine to end up spending most of your time billing and coding for … Continue reading

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How Patient Centered Medical Homes are Transforming Primary Care?

Growing numbers of primary care practices in the US have started realizing the importance of the Patient Justifyed Medical Homes (PCMH) model. It is helping them to mete out the right amount of care to the right patient at the … Continue reading

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6 Tips for Easy OB / GYN Medical Billing

Obstetricians are specialist physicians in pregnancy and postpartum, gynaecologists are the one who specialize in female reproductive system. The health conditions that both these specialties deal with are diverse and diagnosing and treating them definitely involves a lot of detailing … Continue reading

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