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External Otolaryngology Billing Services Is A Great Way To Increase Your Profit !

Otolaryngology Specialty clinics or what are more commonly known as ENT clinics play a multifaceted role catering to the diagnosis and treatment of disorders associated with multiple organs – ear, nose, throat, head and neck. Thus, otolaryngologists are involved in … Continue reading

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The Growing Shift from Private Practice to Hospital Employment

There seems to be something really interesting as far as the shift from private practice to hospital based employment recently: A consistent 2% annual decline in private practicing by physicians, which is expected to be at 5% annually by 2013 … Continue reading

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US Healthcare Adapting to Reforms: Hospitals to Ease Physician Shortages

The health reforms have affected every aspect of the health care delivery system in the United States and smaller and solo practices in the country are finding it difficult to cope with the changes on almost every level of health … Continue reading

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The Impact of Staff Turnover on Physician Medical Billing

Staff turnover in any medical practice or hospital can have detrimental repercussions financially as well as qualitatively when it comes to providing healthcare. However, it cannot be denied that staff turnover or attrition would always be present in any practice … Continue reading

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Increasing Impetus on Physician Reimbursements Becoming Value-Based

Both federal and private payers are shifting compensation from volume to value of services. According to American Medical News one of such payers is UnitedHealth Group who is to start offering approximately 50- 70% of its physician’s bonuses for reaching … Continue reading

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Physician Billing Facing the Biggest Financial Challenges in a Changing Industry

Some populist policies of the Obama government related to healthcare have left hospitals in all the states of the US to deal with more of what they should be doing less, preparing insurance claims and realizing payments. In fact, a … Continue reading

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