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Practicing Medicine in Multiple States: Inherent Medical Billing Challenges

Contrary to single-location practices that were the norms during olden days, the recent trend has been the exploring of practice opportunities in multiple locations. It is not strange for a medical practice/clinic/hospital to expand its operations beyond the original location … Continue reading

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The Impact of Front Desk Executives on Physician Revenue and Billing

The front office desk executive in a physician’s practice has numerous functions to carry out such as understanding the patients’ information related to demographics and finance which is needed for effective billing, the responsibility of communicating the financial policy, and … Continue reading

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The Impact of Staff Turnover on Physician Medical Billing

Staff turnover in any medical practice or hospital can have detrimental repercussions financially as well as qualitatively when it comes to providing healthcare. However, it cannot be denied that staff turnover or attrition would always be present in any practice … Continue reading

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Physician Billing Facing the Biggest Financial Challenges in a Changing Industry

Some populist policies of the Obama government related to healthcare have left hospitals in all the states of the US to deal with more of what they should be doing less, preparing insurance claims and realizing payments. In fact, a … Continue reading

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