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Is the Lack of AR Management Solutions Eating Up Your Practice Revenue?

Accounts receivable is money owed to you by your patients which makes AR management extremely important for running a successful medical practice. If you are not managing accounts receivable in the right manner, the financial health of your practice will … Continue reading

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Why Small Practice’s billing is More Vulnerable to ICD-10?

Small medical practices will be facing tremendous pressure once ICD-10 is implemented. Due to lack of sufficient budget and skilled billers and coders, diffusing the burden of a new coding system will certainly make things difficult for them. Why small … Continue reading

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Physicians Balance Healthcare Reform Demands with Work Demands through Effective Medical Billing

Due to the new reforms brought on by the Obama administration, healthcare centres across US are soon likely to receive increased number of patients, handle increased number of administrative activities and hence require to spend increased amount of time on … Continue reading

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The Growing Shift from Private Practice to Hospital Employment

There seems to be something really interesting as far as the shift from private practice to hospital based employment recently: A consistent 2% annual decline in private practicing by physicians, which is expected to be at 5% annually by 2013 … Continue reading

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US Healthcare Adapting to Reforms: Hospitals to Ease Physician Shortages

The health reforms have affected every aspect of the health care delivery system in the United States and smaller and solo practices in the country are finding it difficult to cope with the changes on almost every level of health … Continue reading

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