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Facts about Podiatry Medical Billing Everyone Should Know

The field of podiatry is related to the diagnosis and treatment (medical and surgical) of the diseases and injuries of foot, ankle and lower extremities. Ultimately, a podiatrist makes you stand on your feet; consequently they are entitled to capture … Continue reading

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Ways to Increment your RCM via Outsourced Podiatry Medical Billing

  Podiatry medical billing certainly has been one of the most intricate physician practices when it comes to medical billing and coding. One vital element for conducting a sustainable podiatry medical service is to increment the Revenue Cycle Management via Outsourced Podiatry medical billing services. Juggling between … Continue reading

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How to Increase Revenue of your Podiatry Practice after Implementing EMR?

Podiatric physicians are embracing electronic medical records (EMR) due to its rapid growth in usage and the technological advances that the growing practice calls for. With EMR software that are tailor-made for managing podiatry billing, physicians are looking at cost-effective … Continue reading

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