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How do medical billing companies help medical practices to update contracts in credentialing?

Credentialing is the process that comes before your first medical claim is submitted. Not able to cope the contracts in credentialing surely brings financial loss. For the majority of the medical practitioners, credentialing is a complex process that involves completing … Continue reading

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Inevitability of the Electronic Radiology Practice and Its Effect on Radiology Billing

The advent of digital technology has been quite a boon to healthcare industry, more so to radiology, whose role in clinical diagnosis and planning the right course of medical intervention continues to be more critical than ever before. Physicians and … Continue reading

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Billing Specialists to Look After Major Billing Issues Likely to Be Faced By Radiologists in 2013

Radiologists, who have been striving to maintain a balance between diagnostic priorities and operational compliance, may well find pulled further into a host of billing and compliance issues throughout 2013: To begin with, they will have to discern the vital … Continue reading

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How Radiologists Can Refine Their Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) With Radiology Billing Specialists

The emphasis on Revenue Cycle Management could never have been so high as it is now – as radiologists begin to comply with of the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) requirements, they would realize the importance of reinvent their billing and … Continue reading

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What Do Stage 2 Meaningful Use Guidelines Have in Store for Radiologists?

Stage 2 meaningful use guidelines are finally out, and radiologists may heave a sigh of relief since most of the ambiguity that existed in Stage 1 about their eligibility and the ways to approach the qualification criterion seem to have … Continue reading

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Radiology: Finding New Meaning in “Meaningful Use”

Radiologists in the United States are currently facing a dilemma as far as “meaningful use” (MU) of Electronic Health Records (EHRs) is concerned. The American College of Radiology (ACR) IT and Informatics Committee leaders and staff have met the National … Continue reading

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