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Looking for help in Radiology Charge Entry and Capture? The wait ends!

  Radiology is a medical specialty which uses imaging techniques such as X-rays, MRIs, CT scans, PETs, and/or ultrasounds to diagnose and check for injuries or diseases/abnormalities within the human body; and the physicians/imaging experts are known as radiologists. As … Continue reading

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Reduce Coding Errors with Accuracy in Radiology Billing and Documentation

ICD-10 deadline may have shifted to 2015 but in order to ensure error-free coding and timely reimbursements, radiologists have to enhance the documentation. Apart from being robust, documentation must also contain sufficient information for assigning accurate and detailed ICD-10 codes. … Continue reading

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Solving Radiology Billing Issues with the best Radiology Billing Service

The healthcare environment is changing and radiologists are facing various challenges related to revenue cycle management, strategic growth and compliance. Considering the volume of diagnosis codes and procedures, radiology billing has turned into a complex task, creating more room for … Continue reading

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Reimbursement Cuts in 2013- Has Your Radiology Practice Recovered from that as yet?

As the federal government is finding ways to control Medicare cost growth, radiology practices are experiencing serious payment cuts. CMS has reduced radiology payments 12 times since 2006 and these cuts are likely to increase in 2014. Even though Medicare … Continue reading

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How Radiologists Can Refine Their Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) With Radiology Billing Specialists

The emphasis on Revenue Cycle Management could never have been so high as it is now – as radiologists begin to comply with of the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) requirements, they would realize the importance of reinvent their billing and … Continue reading

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What Implication Will Reimbursement Cuts For 2013 Have on Radiology Collections?

Radiology collections, which have been far from being impressive in the recent years, may further go down amidst a host of issues likely to surface throughout 2013. Significant of those issues is the reimbursement cuts, which is supposed to lead … Continue reading

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The Role of radiology in Hospital Revenue

Radiologists are playing an ever increasing role in hospitals and these deeper involvements are due to numerous factors. The outcomes of such an ever increasing involvement of radiologists in hospitals can bring about positive outcomes not just in the core … Continue reading

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