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3 mistakes people make while choosing to outsource medical billing

  Outsourcing medical billing and coding services are required when the healthcare facility or the solo practitioner are becoming a challenge, collections/revenues are steadily going down, billing processes are inefficient, there is high staff turnover, training and technology costs are … Continue reading

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Does Expanding Outpatient Physicians Really Help Stabilize Your Hospital Revenues?

Hospitals that hitherto have been troubled with in-patient operational losses may just have found a solution in outpatient mode. Contrary to stagnant inpatient volumes and revenues, outpatient volumes seem to have picked up in recent years. As a result operational … Continue reading

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The Value of Accurate Documentation in Medical Bill Reimbursement

Medical documentation has myriad applications in today’s health care administration – being reference-source for future encounters; enabling coordinated care, both within and across the clinical network; contributing to macro health care planning and reforms; ensuring clinical data privacy and security … Continue reading

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Billing “Urgent Care” As It Emerges As One of the Fastest Growing Specialties

Urgent care is fast developing as a viable alternative to what has traditionally been known as “family practice”. The main reason behind this new-found fancy is that physicians can now operate from designated facilities without having to trek around offices, … Continue reading

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How aging reports aid in realizing Account Receivables

Notwithstanding the importance of flawless coding in maximizing healthcare insurance reimbursements from insurance carriers, it is the Account Receivable Management (A/R Management) that proves decisive in either making or breaking your chances of mitigating denial or delay of your medical … Continue reading

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Revenue Management & Being Vigilant amidst the impending Medicare backlash

“Although, physicians can expect their Medicare reimbursements to be unhindered at least for another year or so, they need to equally vigilant with their medical billing, coding, submission, realization, and the Revenue Cycle Management so as to be sure of … Continue reading

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Dealing with overpayments in your practice

“Simple it might seem, yet given the time and the resources that such monitoring and reporting eventually consumes, physician practices can find it hard to take up such intensive scrutiny amidst the overriding challenge of keeping their medical service quality … Continue reading

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