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Impact of Digital Consultation on your Medical Practice – What do you expect here?

Social media is no longer the domain of the young and fit, even seniors are now on the net and their apps, forming and sharing information across groups. The impact of this is often seen in discussions between patient and … Continue reading

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Medical Billing Company: A Central Pillar for Healthcare Practice in California

With the Affordable Care Act (ACA), medical care has become accessible to many uninsured Americans. In California, it is estimated that there are nearly 750,000 people who remain uninsured. The continually growing population suggests that this number is only going … Continue reading

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How can Good Customer Service change the Face of Your Practice?

In the overall business world there is a very popular phrase which goes like “it costs five times more to attract new consumers than to retain the old ones.” This very phrase stands applicable in the physician business as well, where good … Continue reading

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Who Wins the Medical Billing Race- In-House or Outsourced Billing Services

Medical billing is one of the most complex procedures in every practice. The standing question for most practices remains the same- whether to retain an in-house billing or outsource it to professionals. Although the answer to this largely depends on … Continue reading

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3 mistakes people make while choosing to outsource medical billing

  Outsourcing medical billing and coding services are required when the healthcare facility or the solo practitioner are becoming a challenge, collections/revenues are steadily going down, billing processes are inefficient, there is high staff turnover, training and technology costs are … Continue reading

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Does Expanding Outpatient Physicians Really Help Stabilize Your Hospital Revenues?

Hospitals that hitherto have been troubled with in-patient operational losses may just have found a solution in outpatient mode. Contrary to stagnant inpatient volumes and revenues, outpatient volumes seem to have picked up in recent years. As a result operational … Continue reading

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The Value of Accurate Documentation in Medical Bill Reimbursement

Medical documentation has myriad applications in today’s health care administration – being reference-source for future encounters; enabling coordinated care, both within and across the clinical network; contributing to macro health care planning and reforms; ensuring clinical data privacy and security … Continue reading

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