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Bursting ICD 10 Myths that Worry Care Providers the Most

Myths about ICD 10 have led care providers to believe it is difficult to implement the same. A close look at the misbeliefs will explain that they are either partly true or nearly as difficult to handle as is widely … Continue reading

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Is your outdated revenue cycle technology causing billing and reimbursement issues?

Ineffective revenue cycle management technology can lead to disrupted cash flow and negative profitability. According to a study released by market researcher, Black Book, approximately 72% practices (whether running independently, in a network or as a part of a large … Continue reading

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Don’t Let Orthopaedic Billing Challenges Increase Financial Pressures for your Practice

The process of coding and billing can be quite complex for orthopaedic practices. Codes and specific modifiers required for obtaining maximum revenue are always changing and this has resulted in a unique set of billing challenges for this specialty. To … Continue reading

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Don’t Let Medical Billing complexity Make You Close down Your Private Practice

Number of private practices is dropping in the US due to pressure from healthcare reforms. They are into financial troubles due to changing regulations, shrinking insurance reimbursements and rising costs of business and drugs. Medicare and Medicaid cuts are also … Continue reading

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Overcoming Unique Podiatry Medical Billing Challenges with A Proficient RCM Process

Awareness about foot-care is slowly improving and people have started recognizing the importance of consulting a specialist instead of their primary care provider. Increasing public awareness coupled with better subsidies and healthcare reforms can dramatically increase demand for podiatry services … Continue reading

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How will the Affordable Care Act Impact Cardiology Practitioners and Their RCM?

Healthcare industry has been undergoing steady reforms over the past couple of years and the changes are expected to continue. The objective of this ongoing transformation is to achieve improved healthcare services with increased focus on quality care. In such … Continue reading

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How Radiologists Can Refine Their Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) With Radiology Billing Specialists

The emphasis on Revenue Cycle Management could never have been so high as it is now – as radiologists begin to comply with of the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) requirements, they would realize the importance of reinvent their billing and … Continue reading

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