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How Will the Moderate Sedation (MS) Rule Impact Urology Medical Billing in 2017?

No game is ever played with the same rules. Right from American Football to Soccer and Baseball, the rules of the game keep on changing drastically to suit the changed environment. Same logic, if applied in terms of medical coding … Continue reading

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Top 3 Reasons for Outsourcing your Urology Medical Billing

The financial well-being of any Urology practice depends on timely billing and getting the reimbursement as early as possible. No wonder then that most professionals prefer to outsource their Urology medical billing to a professional service that knows the intricacies … Continue reading

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Urology Billing Solutions: Billing Software or Outsourcing

Timely payments and accuracy in billing are the two main factors that determine the financial strength of a urology practice. Considering the rise in billing complexities and increased healthcare costs, it has become important for urology practices to decide between … Continue reading

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