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Medical Billing Services - Washington, District of Columbia

Formally, the District of Columbia but most commonly known as Washington DC is the capital of the United States. The medical practices around the city are extremely benefited from the attention of the government. The seat of power being close surely makes healthcare cost a priority in the light of Patient Protection and Affordable Act.

Our experienced billers and coders are trained to recover maximum reimbursement that is due to your clinics. By collaborating with your practice, they effectively manage your insurance as well patients billing. Their skills in the below billing function, helps you analyze your Billing needs better:

  • Entry of demographic data
  • Check and recheck the accuracy of the charges
  • Patient payment postage
  • Follow-up on denied claims
  • Weekly submission of patient statement
  • Submission of monthly accounting reports

Our Billers from the Washington area are well versed with healthcare administration and billing functions. They understand False Claims Act, better than any billers and help your clinic to keep away from any billing practice which may be viewed as a malpractice.

Various categories of facility healthcare frauds most often are instances of negligence, this negligence and lack of awareness is what our Billers are here to cure. While doing this our Washington billers can help you increase your revenue at least by 15 to 20%.                                                                                                      

Connect with our Billers to streamline your operations today!