ChartLogic EMR

Most Recent Release : October 2011 | Most Recent Version :Version: 7.0.1

Certification : ChartLogic is certified by Drummond Group, a premier certifying body on ONC-ATCB compliance
Certification Period : ChartLogic EMR typically runs certified for the practice period 2011-12.
Market Reach : Substantial exposure nationwide, especially surgical sub-specialty, multi-specialty clinics, and primary care specialties.
Certification Type : ChartLogic EMR bears the stamp of CCHIT certification, granted as per the prevailing norms for certification.


One of the earliest to dawn on the scene, ChartLogic EMR is a comprehensive EMR system integrated with Practice Management System. Designed primarily to capture clinical encounters, ChartLogic EMR has been able ally to physicians seeking seamless transfer of clinical documentation electronically.  Known for its ingenuity, ChartLogic EMR comes with a unique value proposition (UVP) of voice-enabled module, PrecisionVoiceTM , which works on voice recognition system that can instantly take up doctor’s dictation on site, thus enabling accurate clinical data-transfer, and time reduction.

Further, the fact that ChartLogic happens to be first complete ambulatory EMR to be certified for meaningful use under the ARRA EMR stimulus program speaks of its competitive edge in a market characterized by perpetual product innovation and scalability.


Cardiology, Neurology, Orthopedic, Otolaryngology, Pain Management,

Features :

   Other notable features    ChartLogic comes with value-added features like:

  •    e-prescription enabler, which, along, with expediting medical services, saves substantial time.
  •    Operating on a secure environment, ChartLogic EMR is compatible with DrFirst Rcopia, 7-zip, Windows 7, FTP software
  •   24/7, Email, FAQs, On-Site & Online support

Practice Environment for This EMR

ChartLogic EMR adapts easily to ambulatory, community health center, outpatient surgical facility, physical therapy facility, etc.

Whether EMR & PMS integrated or not?

ChartLogic EMR is completely integrated with ChartLogic Practice Management. Capable of interfacing with over 125 medical practice management systems, it is believed to be the most-sought-after medical billing software.

Does it support hospital claims?

Yes, ChartLogic EMR, with its electronically enabled E&M consultant ensures judicious application of codes that eventually mitigates audit-exposure, and expedites hospitals claims.