ChiroTouch EMR/EHR & Patient Records Software

Most Recent Release : Current 2011 | Most Recent Version :Version 5.1

Certification : ChiroTouch Version 5.1 is 2011/2012 compliant and certified as a Complete EHR on 11/9/2011 by the Certification Commission for Health Information Technology (CCHIT®), an ONC-ATCB, in accordance with the applicable eligible provider certification criteria adopted by the Secretary of Health and Human Services.
Certification Period : Runs ONC-ATCB compliant for 2011-2012.
Market Reach : Substantial exposure nationwide, especially in diverse small practice settings.
Certification Type :


Specifically designed for transforming Chiropractic clinical documentation, practice management functions, and patient record management, ChiroTouch Version 5.1 quite lives up to being the comprehensive software integrated with latest EMR/EHR & Patient Record features. Its ability to seamlessly integrate clinical documentation across the vested network of chiro-practitioners, complement internal practice management and accurate and authenticated patient-data capture prove decisive in efficient clinical management, cost-effective and revenue-maximizing practice management, and HIPAA compliant patient-centric documentation respectively.

ChiroTouch Version 5.1 comes with value-added features, such as:

  • Being an All-in-One Interface for EHR, Practice Management and Patient Documentation
  • Ensuring digital report-generation through EMR & Reports
  • Enabling compliant billing & Report generation for expediting insurance claims
  • Enabling Scheduling & Patient Flow for smooth, accurate, and detailed scheduling of clinical management of patients
  • Ensuring easy transition to newer platforms
  • Faster return on ROI
  • Stimulus certificated to complement Meaningful Use criterion for eligibility to incentives under ARRA scheme.



Features :

ChiroTouch Version 5.1 ensures higher reimbursements with intuitively simple, lightning quick, personalized, and bulletproof documentation systems.

Practice Environment for This EMR

Flexible with diverse Chiropractic settings.

Whether EMR & PMS integrated or not?

ChiroTouch Version 5.1, with its integrated bundle of EHR modular products, complements Practice Management functions.

Does it support hospital claims?

Flexible and scalable enough to hospital claims.