Elysium EHR Software Version 9.2

Most Recent Release : 2011 | Most Recent Version :Elysium EHR Software Version 9.2

Certification : CCHIT Certified
Certification Period : Runs certified for the practice period 2011-12.
Market Reach : Expansive market penetration in major clinical destinations in the US and the adjoining regions.
Certification Type :


For over 15 years, medical practitioners across the US, and the rest of the medical service destinations have tried, tested and endorsed Elysium EHR Software for its unique ability to enable integrated clinical documentation and practice management; its latest version comes with more value-addition to clinical management of medical data across the defined physician network, and Practice Management within physicians’ practice settings.
While it’s exhaustive and feature-rich EHR – infused with chart management, clinical charting, electronic prescribing, image management, and prescription (Rx) writing – fulfills the diverse needs of clinical management, Elysium EHR Software’s ability to support Practice Management – enriched with audit trail, billing, and communication interface – ensures optimum practice management for maximum revenue generation.

Carrying the stamp of ONC-ATCB compliant certificate from CCHIT, Elysium EHR Software Version 9.2 fully supports physician endeavors in qualifying for Meaningful Use Incentive Scheme under ARRA.
Available on either license mode or hosting model, Elysium EHR Software Version 9.2 is quite flexible to be accessed over browser & secure Internet connection for anytime-anywhere access.


Allergy & Immunology, Anesthesiology, Cardiology, Dermatology, Family Practice, Internal Medicine, Neurology, OB Gyn, Occupational Health, Optometry, Orthopedic, Pediatrics, Pulmonology, Rheumatology, Urology, Endocrinology, geriatric, Ambulance Transportation, Chiropractic, Dental, Gastroenterology, General Surgery, Hospitalist Billing, Mental Health, Oncology, Oral and Maxillofacial, Otolaryngology, Pain Management, Pathology, Physical Therapy, Podiatry, Primary Care, Radiology, Behavioral Health, Nephrology, General Medicine, Urgent Care,

Features :

Elysium EHR Software Version 9.2 is highly secure with:

  • automatic backup
  • backup
  • emergency access

Practice Environment for This EMR

Elysium EHR Software Version 9.2 is quite adaptable to ambulatory, community health center, ER, hospital, urgent care and other medical facility centers.

Whether EMR & PMS integrated or not?

Being infused with Practice Management functions, such as audit trail, billing, and e-mail features, Elysium EHR Software Version 9.2 is comprehensive with an integrated PMS.

Does it support hospital claims?