A Sports Medicine Center is looking for a Medical Biller in Michigan

Job Summary:

Job Status: Full Time | Location: -Michigan | Specialty: Sports Medicine | Other Specification: | Experience Required: 2

Job Description:

Other Duties-

  • Review all accounts for insurance or patient follow-up.
  • Assign clinical codes for reimbursement and data analysis.
  • Ensure accurate and streamlined billing and payment
  • Accounts Receivable reports to be managed
  • All accounts for insurance to be followed up and reviewed.
  • Patient queries to be answered and telephone inquiries pertaining to given accounts to be looked after.
  • In case of a persistent denial, investigate the claim, confirm its information, and assess the database.
  • Generate reimbursement claims and transfers to third-party payers.
  • Work with the insurance company, healthcare provider, and patient in order to process a claim and get paid.
  • Data and total charges to be compared. In case of an error, edit or modify the differences.
  • Pending claims to be followed up within the given time frame of a standard billing cycle.
  • Maintain Medicare bad-debt cost report by tracking billings, observing collections and compiling all information.
  • One of your many duties include investigation of insurance fraud and report if found.
  • Pursue legal issues if any
  • Process payments from insurance companies and successively prepare daily deposit.