Optometry Transcription

Our Transcriptionists specializing in Optometry specialty are committed to deliver the quality transcripts that your practice demands. These Optometry transcription specialists have years of experience servicing physicians like you and are well-equipped in terms of certification, skills, and technology.

  • The transcriptionists’ first commitment is towards accuracy of over 99% to guarantee the efficiency of medical documentation you expect from them.
  • Their knowledge of the Optometry specialty helps them achieve the required level of accuracy.
  • The transcriptionists are trained on security standards adhering to HIPAA guidelines for protection of PHI (Patient Health Information).
  • The prompt delivery of impeccably transcribed medical records back to your office within the 24-hour TAT is ensured.
  • Tech-savvy and well qualified, these Optometry transcriptionists have the experience of handling your transcripts within the EMR of your choice. They are exposed to NextGen, eClinical Works, GE Centricity, Advanced MD and Altapoint.

To experience the level of service promised in Optometry specialty, please fill in the form and let us suggest the best resource for your practice locally.