Accuracy :

Radiologists are always concerned about the quality of transcripts returned by medical transcriptionists; precision and technical requirements are of prime importance to them. They have little or no time to review transcripts; they depend on their transcription team for accuracy.

Flexibility :

Radiology transcription revolves around emergency delivery and STAT coverage during all times of the day.A transcription service which caters to flexibility of service hours helps radiologists focus on their core function.

Experience :

With years of experience in radiology transcription, each of our medical transcriptionists can deliver the level of service demanded by independent radiologists, hospital divisions and diagnostic centers across all states of the US.

Software exposure :

Our radiology transcriptionist type into various PACS system and are trained to use the various functionalities to provide impeccable service to the physicians.

Radiology is one field of medicine that will always need the support of documentation because of the deliverables to other referring physicians. To experience the impeccable service of radiology transcriptionists you can fill out the form below and we will get you connected to the best available options.