How is your Practice Dealing with Dental Billing Challenges?

April 14, 2014

The medical nature of certain dental procedures is being recognized by a large number of dental practices. Even though this has increased opportunities for filing claims with medical carriers, dentists are realizing the need to have a strong team of coders and billers who can handle all the requirements and billing challenges with precision-

  • Procedure of getting a medical billing service reimbursed by an insurance company can be quite frustrating for dentists
  • From forms and systems for electronic submission to rules and insurance policy coverage, medical billing is different from a standard dental billing process
  • For various procedures, dentists require pre-authorization for getting paid
  • Not only diagnosis codes are mandatory but procedures codes for dental billing are also different

Failure to meet these challenges result in poor collection rate. Errors in coding result in claim denials, disrupting cash flow for dental practices. Many dental practices also lack the skill to assist patients with medical insurance benefits. This results in thousands of dollars lost in unaccepted treatment plans.

How to evade few dental billing issues?

  • There is a strong need for dentists to ensure that patients are educated on the importance of addressing even small dental issues
  • Staff consistency will have to be addressed and providers will have to make sure that productivity levels of staff, including coders and billers is high. This will not only help combat dental billing challenges but also enhance the level of customer satisfaction
  • It helps to create an annual budget and determine areas that need special attention. Dental practices can benefit from strong financial policies and treatment plans that are easy to understand
  • Fee schedule of dental practices should be reviewed on regular intervals because small but necessary changes to routine procedures can benefit any medical practice
  • Practices should also pay special attention towards reducing the load of accounts receivable

How can dentists cope with billing challenges?

In today’s healthcare industry, dentists face various challenges due to time constraints and lack of skilled staff. This affects dental billing, which is fundamental to the existence of any dental practice. If claims are not submitted on time, practices don’t get paid for the services rendered. Disrupted cash flow results in the inability of providers to get new technology, hire or train staff or make necessary changes to improve patient satisfaction. Therefore, many practices prefer outsourcing billing requirements to a third party.

Benefits of outsourcing dental billing requirements-

Medicalbillersandcoders.com is a reputed company with the largest consortium of billers and coders in the US. By outsourcing dental billing requirements to MBC, dentists can be assured of maximum profits, improved office efficiency, reduced administrative costs, operational costs and more time to focus on quality patient care.

MBC has been offering effective dental medical billing solutions to practices across 50 states in the US. Our team of dental coders and billers are well-trained in dental billing requirements, making use of the latest technology to ensure best results.


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