Eliminate payment uncertainties post ICD-10 through Streamlined Oncology Billing

May 21, 2014

Oncology billing services can be quite daunting and if your staff fails to handle the procedure in the right manner, it will result in revenue loss and intensify patients’ stress levels. Oncologists need a streamlined billing process that assures them of timely reimbursement without having to worry about claim filing and follow-up with insurance companies.

Are you prepared for ICD-10 challenges?

With ICD-10 round the corner, providers, including oncologists will be facing tremendous pressure. Necessary changes will have to be made to ensure that systems are updated and staff is trained for handling the new code set. Oncologists and their support staffs will have to do a lot of learning in order to do the transition or else they won’t get paid.

Why not outsource your coding requirements?

Small oncology practices, lacking time, money and resources will have to spend money on new systems and hire experienced coders and billers to tackle ICD-10 transition. Existing staff will have to be trained and more time will be required for documentation. A large number of oncology practices are outsourcing their coding requirements to an oncology billing partner. This is helping them sail through reimbursement complexities.

Outsourcing can be extremely beneficial to get your practice back on track. Billing companies have a team of certified coders and billers who make use of latest technology to help oncologists meet their coding challenges.

  • A team of experienced AAPC-certified coders will be assigned to your oncology practice. Coding team of a reputed billing company remains up-to-date with the latest changes in codes, bundling and unbundling procedure changes, state or federal government compliance issues and payer specific requirements
  • Oncology claims will be analysed and scrutinized in a proper manner to reduce errors
  • Codes will be assigned in a careful manner to reduce denials and increase reimbursements
  • A medical billing company also assures of quality coding services with quick turnaround time
  • Since your claims will be submitted in a timely manner by qualified billing specialists, cash flow of your practice will improve
  • Old or rejected claims will also be followed-up to procure payment

By letting a billing team handle the coding and oncology billing requirements, oncologists can maximize their revenue and minimize claim denial rate. Since radiation oncology treatments are becoming complex due to new technology, it has become important to pay extra attention on coding and billing in order to get paid. An expert team has become a necessity for oncologists as medical coding practices and compliance rules are also changing for this specialty.

Medicalbillersandcoders.com is a reputed billing company that has been helping oncologists sail through coding and billing challenges. MBC has a team of certified coders who are well-trained for handling any payment uncertainty post ICD-10. Only the latest technology is used to ensure timely results. MBC works with the aim to reduce the rate of claim denials and improve the revenue cycle for practices, including oncology. Since an experienced team will be handling your billing requirements, you can use the time to concentrate on documentation and patient care. 


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