Streamline Medical Billing to Enhance your Chiropractic cash Flows

May 27, 2014

Chiropractors have always suffered due to revenue management and medical billing services challenges. Due to healthcare reforms, over hauling of chiropractic revenue models has become the need of the hour. Previously considered as a non-primary care practice, various significant additions of primary care responsibilities have been made to the portfolio of chiropractors, requiring them to pay more attention to billing in order to get paid.

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  • A number of services and therapies are offered by most chiropractors, reflecting the different issues and injuries treated by them. These multiple issues and therapies result in overwhelming challenges related to billing and collections which can be solved only with the help of a highly-skilled billing team
  • Coding recommendations and billing regulations keep changing for chiropractors for which the in-house billing department requires constant training for delivering timely invoices and procure full payments
  • Chiropractors also need to provide the necessary resources and tools to the billing department for optimum results

Unlike large practices that train or hire professional coders for handling billing and coding tasks, most chiropractic practices lack the money to get resources that can bring their billing on track.

Issues to be faced by chiropractors in 2014:

  • • There is an update to 1500 form for 2014, allowing 12 diagnoses in block 21. This update is meant for accommodating ICD-10 CM coding set. As this code system is more specific, providers will likely use more codes and necessary purchase or upgrade will have to be done for the same
  • • ICD-10 will take effect in 2015 for which chiropractors will have to be more than prepared. The new code set will change all the codes used for diagnosis. Providers will have to allocate resources for converting and adding new codes to the “cheat sheet” list, update billing program and software according to the new code set
  • • 39 to 50 states have mandatory chiropractic benefits which will increase number of patients at a chiropractic office. On one hand this will benefit chiropractors while on the other hand some insurance plans will scrutinize the number of visits and services in a close manner, increasing pressure on providers

Billing and reimbursement for chiropractors can appear to be simple but in case of unpreparedness, it can become extremely daunting. Even if your practice is familiar with codes required for chiropractic billing, your billing department might not be aware of the complexities that lead to denials. In such cases, many chiropractors prefer outsourcing their billing requirements in order to sail through reimbursement challenges.

Medicalbillersandcoders.com has been offering effective billing solutions to chiropractors across 50 states in the US. We have the largest consortium of coders and billers who are well-trained in handling chiropractic billing challenges and make use of the latest technology to deliver timely reimbursements. From claim submission and follow-ups to HIPAA compliance and successful implementation of health record systems, MBC will offer you complete assistance. While an expert team handle the revenue cycle of your practice, you can concentrate on offering quality patient care.


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