Oncology Coding and Billing Services can Help Increase Business Profits

July 24, 2014

The process of oncology coding and billing is very important to any medical business. Over a period of time the process has become very daunting because of factors such as constant alterations in regulations and diagnostic codes, complex revenue process, technological changes, etc. A small error can have a catastrophic impact on the business and thereby on the services rendered too.

Oncology involves complex long term procedures and treatment as preventive or curative care to patients diagnosed with cancer. Since the patients undergo numerous tests and treatments, there is a lot of administrative work involved such as documentation of patient records, tracking payments for timely collections, etc. All these activities make the process of oncology coding and billing very complex and therefore it is very important to implement a robust and accurate process. Like all other areas of practice, the practice of oncology also needs to have a team of motivated professional coders and billers who can enhance the revenue collections.

It is safe to say that by hiring a company that provides good oncology coding and billing services, one can increase profits of the business. Some such contributory aspects are mentioned below:

  • Economize on infrastructure cost:
    The practice can save or reduce the expenses incurred on buying high quality equipment, latest software and technology, and paying salaries to the staff by outsourcing the service. The cost saved in these areas is directly added to the revenue generated.
  • Save on manpower expenses:
    By outsourcing the process of oncology coding and billing to an external company, one can save all the costs involved with respect to hiring trained specialists, payment of fixed salary, incentives and additional benefits.
  • Free from administrative responsibilities:
    Since the operational tasks such as collections and billing is handled by an outsourced team of professionals, the staff can concentrate completely on delivering the best medical services to the patients. By delivering the best medical service, the business can attract more patients, which in turn will convert into more revenue and thereby contribute to increasing profits.
  • Faster and higher rate of collections:
    The outsourced team handling the coding & billing process is a group of professionally trained personnel who are adept in performing activities like interacting with the patients, submission of claims within the deadline, timely collections, regular follow-ups and such other tasks. All this ensures a faster and higher rate of collections, and it also regulates the cash flow in the business. Thus, it brings about a positive impact on the medical practice.
  • Reap maximum benefits:
    One of the important aspects that a good oncology coding and billing service provider adheres to is, keeping a tab on the latest developments or changes in the rules and regulations of reimbursement that the government and the insurance companies implement. By doing this they ensure that the medical practice gets maximum compensation for the claims one submits.

From the various aspects mentioned above one can clearly say that there is a lot at stake for the medical practice, profits of the business and the patients. It can thus be said that poor or inaccurate oncology coding and billing can not only hurt the medical practice but will also have an effect on the patients. Therefore, the oncology coding and billing process is all about optimizing the revenue of the business which eventually increases the profits..


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