With the changing healthcare landscape large numbers of Primary Care are shifting from private practices to hospitals hence changing their billing needs as well. However whether operating at a private practice or in hospitals or other varied healthcare set-ups; most Primary Care across US are facing increasingly new billing issues. Hence Medicalbillersandcoders.com through its comprehensive database of in-house billers and coders helps Primary Care tackle various billing issues and find a solution to all their revenue woes.

Primary Care looking to hire in-house billers and coders for their healthcare facility can utilize our extensive data base. Primary Care billing specialists profiles listed with MBC are reviewed regularly to ensure that the profiles match up to current industry requirements and standards. All our Primary Care billing specialists are familiar with specific codes and rules of cardiology billing such as-

  • Top 5 E&M codes
  • Top 10 major Primary Care CPT codes
  • Top 5 payers
  • The normal claim processing time of insurance company
  • Top 5 denial reasons for Primary Care Billing
  • Maximum reimbursement amount with different commercial payers

Our Comprehensive data-base of billers and coders across all 50 US States has helped numerous Primary Care meet their revenue targets easily.

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Besides opting for Medicalbillersandcoders.com outsourced billing services; physicians in Pennsylvania looking to hire in-house billing staff for their healthcare facility in Pennsylvania can easily utilize our extensive data base of in- house biller and coders provided below.

Our comprehensive data base of in-house billers and coders in Pennsylvania; has been reviewed in advance to ensure that the profiles match up to current industry requirements and standards of the State. Few of the qualities that most of the billing specialist’s profiles listed below comprise of are-

  • Certification which may include: RHIA; RHIT; CCS; CCS-P; CPC- P; CPC-H certification
  • Relevant training & background in ICD-9; ICD-10; CPT code assignment and APC grouping
  • Knowledge of Local Medical Review Polices (LMRP) and Correct Coding Initiative (CCI) edits
  • Ensure patient privacy and confidentiality with each encounter and follow HIPAA guidelines
  • Ability to process Medicaid/PE/CHP+ applications

Our extensive data-base has helped numerous physicians in Pennsylvania meet their current in-house biller and coder requirements easily.

Browse below to help us help you meet your in-house biller requirements!

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Christina A. Gerardi

With years of experience in the Healthcare and Nursing Aide, Christina A. Gerardi wants to further her experience as a Certified Physician Coder. She ...

Primary Care

Monica Suchdeo

Monica Suchdeo is an exceptional medica biller and wants to thrive in a clerical/accounting environment of medical billing. Though her transition to m ...

Primary Care

Sarah E. Fleck

Sarah Fleck possesses a wide range billing and coding sills. She also wants to grow in a more challenged environment.

Primary Care

Riya Kochulazar

Riya Kochulazar wants to apply her position as a Medical Biller and Coder in which her computer knowledge and organizational abilities can be fully ut ...

Primary Care


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