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Wednesday Aug 01, 2012
15 Medical Billing job functions streamlined by Outsourcing!!
Medical Billing Outsourcing is known to improve physician’s AR & denial management by streamlining various job functions for physicians
Industry experts say:
It costs $25 to $30 to manage the average denial; hence physicians prefer to submit cleaner claims from the beginning by streamlining their job functions
Which job functions are streamlined with outsourcing?
  • Patient Enrollment & Scheduling handled efficiently
  • All Documentation with transition to an electronic format done accurately
  • Precise Billing & Coding by a billing specialist
  • Timely Insurance Claims submission & re-submission of claims by a manager
  • AR manager solely dedicated & responsible for entire AR Management
  • Timely process in place for Denial Management & Appeals
  • Ongoing Payer follow-ups ensuring maximum reimbursements
  • Daily/ Weekly/ Monthly reporting system in place
  • Patient Follow up process in place when the payer denies a claim
  • Staff Retention not necessary as the outsourcing partner takes care of all those headaches
  • Elimination of maintaining vast Payrolls of all billing related staff
  • Management of billing employees leaves and smooth working of business even during holidays
  • Front end administration managed better as all your back end functions are looked after
  • Revenue planning possible with all old accounts cleared and sorted out by the billing specialist
  • Transparent & Clear patient accounts analysis by the end of the year
With these job functions taken care of by billing specialist physicians can concentrate on their patients additionally managing to lower their costs.
Attain maximum Medical Billing Revenue with the help of outsourcing!
Streamlining-Benefits with MBC:
  • Save up to 60% on operational costs
  • Earn up to 32% more in revenues
  • Free EMR & Practice Management
  • 30-40% reduction in AR days
  • Denials reduced by almost 10-15%
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