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4 major setbacks Practices need to improve to Increase Revenue
How can my practice thrive in such an unstable healthcare environment? This is the most common question asked by many physicians as the revenue is declining and physicians are working more for less revenue. Especially small and medium practices are bearing the brunt of healthcare reforms that have put tremendous pressure on the providers.
Industry Facts Increase revenue
  • It has been observed that between 5-25% of payment for physicians is either denied or delayed due to coding errors
  • According to a survey, lack of patient eligibility is the reason behind approximately 75% of denied claims
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ICD-10 Readiness-All You Need to Know
ICD-10 compliance deadline is nearing, making it necessary for providers to prepare for the transition. This will help them avoid any possible revenue or service disruptions post implementation.
Industry Facts
  • According to a WEDI survey in April 2015, 25 percent of surveyed providers had begun external testing with partners on ICD-10 claims
  • Small physician practices with one to five physicians might find ICD-10 testing more challenging compared to large healthcare facilities
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