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Wednesday August 14, 2012
An Efficient Denial Management System which adds 1000’s of $ revenue to your billing cycle!
  • Financial performance ranks as one of the top 3 concerns amongst most medical practices
  • The rate at which you turn claims into cash establishes if your practice is prospering or not
Industry Standards State:
  • Claims rejections rate of a stabilized practice should be 5% which saves thousands of dollars
  • Current rejections rate of in-house billers is 15% which is going out of provider’s pocket
Don’t allow Rejected Claims from keeping your practice on the back foot!
Key denial management functions::
  • Reporting system
  • Analyzing denial patterns
  • Follow ups done
  • Management analysis reports
  • Proper method of Appealing denials
  • Preventing untimely filing
  • Evaluating success rate
  • Ascertaining work flow improvements
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Solution- Is a billing specialist a cost effective & permanent answer to handle all your denial woes?
  • Even practices with efficient billing system can experience a claims rejection rate of 10%
  • Claims settlements are expensive with refilling costs as high as nearly $25 per claim
Getting a billing service partner will give you the added advantage of a specialist who can skillfully handle all the above key functions.
Streamlining your Denial Management with MBC’s best practices….
  • Payer enrollment along with ongoing claim checks for accuracy & duplication
  • Expert team that identifies claims issues at the earliest
  • Reports which compare performance & identify improvement areas
  • Easy accessibility to claims status to help track your claims throughout the claim’s pay cycle
  • Rejection analysis to identify and fix common claims errors
Enjoy the convenience of dealing with one company for all your denial management needs
Improved Cash-Flow with MBC:
  • Reduce your claims payment time from several months to 7-14 days
  • Average claims rejection rate to as low as 1-2%
  • Process higher number of claims in lesser time and also reduce cash flow problems
Efficient Denial Management + Reduced denials to less than 5% + Increased Revenue by 1000s of $
Optimized claims submission can improve first payment rates and shorten the billing cycle!!

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