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Wednesday May 22, 2013
Are Most of Your Claims Processed and Paid Accurately?
Majority of the payers these days struggle with a complicated system of claims processing which result in numerous errors and directly impacts practice revenue.
Industry Standards State
  • Recent study of insurance payment patterns depict that accuracy of claims processing by commercial carriers was 84%, hence 1 out of every 6 claims processed are paid incorrectly
  • Average claims-processing error rate for 2010 and 2011 was 19.3%, an increase of 2% over the previous year
  • In 2011 it was estimated that by eliminating claim payment errors the health care system can save $17 bn. per year
The payer’s first time EOB payment accuracy rate can have a considerable impact on a physician’s practice costs.
How do inaccurately paid claims adversely impact physicians?
Increasing your payments with MBC’s claim management process…..

Evaluate all payer contracts – including the associated fee schedules, available claim edits, payment policies, & other payment rules before signing any contract.

Constantly review and audit claims - for timely and accurate payments
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MBC aims to stop inaccurate claim payments before they start by constantly monitoring claims submitted and identifying opportunities which help improve accuracy, compliance and productivity.

The Complete Patient Experience is an Essential towards Patient Satisfaction
Accurate diagnosis by the physician may be an essential, but the patient comfort level attained at the doctor’s clinic at times may factor more towards a good patient experience. Recent survey results showed that approximately 34% patients were eager to change doctors if offered an ideal experience in another clinic.
What does a complete patient experience demand?
Industry experts believe as the healthcare industry offers multiple choices, hence good customer service and patient satisfaction is a must ensuring the patient returns to the doctor’s office. Hence to attain patient satisfaction and increased revenue practice management experts recommend physicians to look at the complete patient experience.

Solution: Improving areas for increased patient satisfaction - the improvements required …..  
Efficient practice management equals to higher revenues!
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