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Wednesday September 25, 2013
Are these common blunders leaving your claims unpaid?
Majority of the healthcare providers in US struggle while dealing with health insurance claim denials.
Industry Standards State
Private Health Insurers % of Denied Services Medicare % of Denied Services
Non-covered Service 50.00% Non-covered Service
Patient Not Eligible for Benefits 25.00% Claim Lacks Information
Claim Lacks Information 9.00% Claim Sent to Wrong Health Insurer
Prior Authorization Required 5.00% Not Medically Necessary
Claim Sent to Wrong Health Insurer 4.00% Patient Not Eligible for Benefits
Documentation Required 3.00% Documentation Required
Source: National Healthcare Exchange Services 200
How can physicians reduce unexpected denials and rejection?
Complete Data Analysis:
To identify the denial trends not apparent in the aggregate data

Charge Overview:
To identify loopholes in procedures and check for missed charges

Training Assistance
To facilitate basic coding skills of staff to assess medical necessity

All these actions help reduce denied claims and increase your practice efficiency and revenue.

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