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Thursday June 19, 2014
Are you Worried about HIPAA Audits?
Probability of HIPAA audits is increasing as the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) continues to police HIPAA violations aggressively. Data breach has become a rampant problem in the healthcare industry and in order to prevent an audit, practices must address their potential issues under HIPAA.
Industry Facts:
  • According to the OCR, a new and permanent HIPAA security audit program is slated to begin from October 2014
  • As per the analysis by HIP / SA of OCR data, health data breaches involving more than 500 patients have increased from 931 to 992 in April 18 to May 17, 2014
  • According to the survey by HP / Ponemon Institute, healthcare organizations spend $5.44 million annually on an average to deal with cyber attacks
  • Heightened OCR enforcement will be seen in 2014
Common HIPAA violations:
To avoid hefty fines and a bad name in the healthcare industry, medical practices must watch out for these frequently seen HIPAA violations: Read More...
Measures for avoiding HIPAA audits:

Handling HIPAA requirements with MBC: offers a web-based, proven framework to help providers manage their HIPAA / HITECH Act compliance initiatives with a single, integrated solution. They can perform clinical as well as operational functions in sync with HIPAA norms with this system. MBC ensures confidentiality of patient and practice information according to the norms laid down by the HIPAA Act.

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