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Tuesday July 10, 2012
Are You Filing Claims and Have One in Every Three Rejected!
  • Health insurers tighten eligibility requirements hence making claim filing more complicated
  • Most providers struggle to balance their busy schedules to execute additional care while filing claims
Claim rejection plagues the healthcare practices and turns filing into a cumbersome activity!
Few reasons why claims get denied by insurance carriers:
  • Ailment not covered by the policy
  • Procedure deemed medically unnecessary
  • Incomplete documentation
  • Improper claim form filled
  • Claim not filed in time
  • Pre existing disease which was not disclosed
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Rejected claims affect physician revenue & brings burden of additional tasks like:
  • Reopening patient’s folder - second review & research of the notes
  • Re- compilation of claims
  • Rechecking of codes to ensure usage of the latest codes
  • Re- submission of a claim
  • Contacting the insurance carrier
Solution - Outsourcing medical billing could help you get rid of denied claims issues.

Achieve the following benefits with MBC:

  • Considerable reduction in average rejection rate to less than 10%, due to reduced errors
  • Efficient handling of claims results in increase of almost 25% of your reimbursements
  • In house staff is free to assist you with management of the practice rather than dealing with excessive paper work involving insurance claims additionally offering value added services like consultancy and credentialing promises to guide physician practices through these testing times.

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