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Wednesday October 30, 2013
Are you too losing 25-30% of your revenue due to improper medical billing?
Recently, medical billing errors are becoming more and more common in the United States. With the involvement of government in the field of medical billing, the disconnect between medical coding professionals and healthcare providers is growing wider leading to miscommunication.
Industry Standards State
  • Nearly 25-30% of all medical practice income is lost as a result of improper billing
  • Approximately 59% of in-house billers do not receive EOBs
  • Around 55% of in-house billers have never appealed a denied claim
Why small practices suffer while handling medical billing?

Medical practices have to see around 20 patients in a day. For each patients, the physician must ensure that the patient's data is entered correctly, their documentation, file claims, and other details are maintained accurately. Read More...

Benefits of outsourcing medical billing to MBC:

Maximum profit at minimal cost: Outsourcing healthcare services...

Huge savings on capital expenditure: By outsourcing billing services to MBC, practices can also...

Increase in level of productivity and efficiency: With the outsourcing of revenue cycle...

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Recover patient collections at your practice today!

In today's slacking economy, getting patients to pay in a timely manner can be very stressful for the practices. Moreover, the less-than-ideal collection rates from patients doesn't do any good to encourage the practices. Hence it is essential to ensure that the practices employ certain methods like prepayment options to recover patient collectibles in their practice. Also it is important for the physicians to track the money coming in and the money going out of the practice to optimize patient collections.

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