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Tuesday January 22, 2013
Delays in Filing & Un-Timely Follow-Ups can makes Cardiologists Life Miserable!
Cardiology is growing rapidly to now also include endovascular surgery, diagnostic testing, electrophysiology & interventional radiology making cardiology billing extremely complex.
Industry standards state:
Incorrect coding, under pricing, missed or never submitted charges & nonexistent or improper follow up
= Loss of approximately 25%-30% of all medical practice income!
  • With a specialty like cardiology billing involved, the ratio for success is even harder to achieve as cardiologists face unique billing challenges that are intrinsic to the services rendered by them.
  • This makes it both imperative & difficult to avoid delays in filing and follow ups- to ensure maximum revenue for the cardiologist to run his practice successfully.
Unique billing challenges faced by cardiologists.
  • Difficulty in tracking underpayments as multiple procedure rules and cardiovascular procedures have significantly more complicated contractual adjustments than a typical family doctor's claims.
  • Cardiology Billing involves more complicated requirements of reporting and insurance follow-up.
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Do YOU face any of these billing pitfalls?
Low Collections rate, high cardiology billing staff turnover, high denial rate, too many days in A/R, & limited control of cardiology billing results. Cardiologists in this scenario can benefit by utilizing specialized cardiovascular billing services to avoid these billing pitfalls.
Benefit through MBC’s Specialized Cardiology Medical Billing
A billing service with years of experience in cardiology EMR management, coding & billing.
Certified coders with complete mastery over CPT & ICD codes along with compliance of HIPAA & ARRA, in-depth knowledge of interventional cardiology coding, cardiac catheterization laboratory coding, electrophysiology coding and cardiac computerized tomographic angiography (CCTA) coding.
In the initial start up phase for your ageing ARs or delays or denials, we will study and resolve the delay-causing reasons in a short TAT.
Provide - software automation, denial remediation procedures, dedicated cardiology billing account manager - to speed up the entire billing cycle.
With MBC as your cardiology billing partner

Conversion of fixed costs into variable expenses + time and focus + Streamlining of operations
+ timely filing & follow-ups of your medical claim.

Dramatically increased bottom line revenue+ maximization of old A/R!
Maximized Reimbursements !
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