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Monday January 22, 2014
How many weeks in a year do you end up spending on health insurer red tape?
While much is said about the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), it is known that it has not been able to adequately address the impact on doctors, patients, and the practice of medicine.
Industry Facts State:
  • As much as $ 210 billion per year is spent by the health care system on claims processing
  • Approximately five weeks of physician’s time annually is spent on health insurer red tape
According to an independent survey, the United States spend most on insurance administrative cost, $606 per person, compared to $277 in France and $266 in Switzerland, the next-highest countries.
Streamlining your billing can help reduce healthcare Ccsts:

By streamlining your health care administrative practices, you can help fix your broken healthcare system and save consumers money.
Integrated health information networks can help healthcare providers and payers increase efficiency and cut costs. Read More...

Optimize your time management using MBC’s complete billing solutions::

Complete Data Analysis:
MBC has minimal defect approach to claims handling that decreases denials substantially while reducing A/R days to less than 20 in most cases

Charge Overview:
Our connection to eligibility systems makes sure that bad debts and write-offs are virtually absent in your claim

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Preventing work-related stress at your practice to help improve work flow

Work-related stress seems to be the top instigator impacting health care costs for organizations. Heavy patient loads, smaller staffs, and higher stress levels is the main cause of stress among the healthcare workers, and it shows in their work life experience. Stress in the workplace seems to be the major reason healthcare workers planning to look for a new job to combat the work related stress.

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