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Wednesday March 12, 2014
How much do denied, rejected or underpaid claims cost your practice?
To save the money, healthcare insurers bring on a set of complicated rules and edits under which they can openly deny or reject claims for the slightest pretence.
Industry Facts State:
  • Denied, rejected, resubmitted and underpaid claims can cost your practice as much as $100,000 per month according to the AMA
  • Your practice can lose more than $75,000 per year in denied claims that are never resubmitted, based on multiple studies confirming that many practices do not resubmit up to 50% of their denied claims
  • Underpayment of approved claims has historically been as much as 35% lower than the contract amount
Steps to Reduce Denied, Rejected, or Underpaid Claims
  • Use Electronic Claims
  • Analyze Your Cashflow
  • Appeal Old Denials and Underpayments
  • Update Billing Systems
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Get your practice staff ready for the Patient influx in 2014!

The Affordable Care Act, which was officially implemented on January 1, 2014, provides premium discount to the Medicaid patients. Thanks to the ACA, physicians can now expect to see greater patient influx over the next few years.

As per an independent healthcare survey, the community clinics serving low income population anticipates 12-15% rise in the number of patients who will seek care in 2014. Moreover, hospitals also expect to see substantial rise in patient influx owing to the implementation of ACA. The hospitals expect to see around 400 additional patients per month

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