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Thursday June 5, 2014
How can a billing partner help solve your billing challenges?
If your practice is facing medical billing challenges, your chances of getting paid will reduce considerably. Healthcare reforms have increased workload for physicians and it has become difficult to get paid on time as billing and coding requirements keep changing.
Industry Facts:
  • Medical practices fail to collect approximately 10-15% of their revenue
  • Practices with a strong billing team are reported to be in less debt (at least $6,900 to $14,000) compared to other practices
  • According to the AMA, resubmitted, denied, underpaid claims can cost a medical practice as much as $100,000 per month
Common medical billing challenges faced by practices:
Not collecting full co-pays : This is the most common medical billing challenge Read More...
Factors that might cause billing issues in the future:

Sail through billing challenges with MBC:

MBC has an expert team of coders and billers who will perform error-free coding and billing

Claims will be submitted on time and experts will track and report your claim on regular basis

Only the best technology will be used to handle all billing requirements

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Error-Free Coding + Timely Claim Submission = Full Reimbursement
Have you updated your Medical Practice Emergency plan?

Every medical practice should be prepared for handling natural disasters and office emergencies. They should have an emergency plan to ensure survival of the practice in case of disasters like earthquakes, fire or tornadoes. Read More...

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