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Tuesday March 26, 2013
How much do Gastroenterologist’s end up spending in
  order to get paid?
Most gastroenterology practices are spending increasing amount of time and revenue on administrative tasks to enable being reimbursed by payers, especially with insurers using varied rules for processing and paying medical claims leading to a lot of confusion and inconsistency.
Industry Standards State
  • A recent study last year depicted that nearly 1/3rd of gastroenterologists spend 10-14 hours per week, while 29% spend 5-9 hours per week on paperwork and administrative tasks
  • A minimum of 20 hours per week is spent by approximately 14% of gastroenterologists on administrative chores
To ensure accurate payments from payers physicians redirect nearly 14% of their revenue on administrative activities required by health plans.
Moreover according to a recent study a physician’s time spent on health insurer "red tape" can easily add up to nearly 3 weeks!
  • Gastroenterology practices bear unnecessary costs while maintaining a costly claims management system for each health insurer
  • Nearly one in every five medical claims processed by insurers has errors which lead to high administrative costs
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