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Thursday January 31, 2013
How will more patient visits reduce practice revenue?
Let’s admit that there is a realistic limit to how many patients a doctor can see in a single day and patient volume’s above or below the limit may adversely affect the bottom line of the practice.
Industry Standards
American Medical Colleges Association projects roughly a 10-15% physician shortfall  (2015 to 2020)- Shortage of 60,000 physicians by 2015 & 90,000 physicians by 2020
The most obvious difference between high-and average-performing practices is that high-performing practices have a highly-refined patient flow processes in place enabling physicians to work efficiently.
For instance Industry experts state most eye care providers can meet a target of approximately 25 patient exams per eight hour day per doctor. However this could vary depending on various factors
When more than adequate patients affect a practice’s income adversely?
  • Seeing more patients requires harder work, creates more stress and an also result in poor quality care if not handled correctly
  • The extent of harm to a practice's revenue is actually proportional to the number of its scheduling inefficiencies while dealing with too many patients
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Practice’s can make an organized approach to increase their patient volumes prudently…

Few steps doctors can take to increase patient volumes strategically :

1. Analyze the time spent on additional aspects of the patient visit and try to alter them.
2. Expand the current set-up by including more clinics or larger office.         Read More...

However amidst industry changes it is difficult for doctors to find time to streamline patient volumes in this manner. Getting a billing service may be imperative to improve patient volumes & flow strategically.
Increasing patient numbers strategically with MBC
  • Providing consultancy to help improve patient satisfaction ratings, and quality outcome
  • MBC can handle the revenue cycle issues of the organization, hence helping physicians focus on patient care
MBC = Consultancy + RCM + Medical Coding Services

Highly refined patient flow processes + increased patient satisfaction

Increased Practice Revenues
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