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Tuesday October 28, 2014
Is your Community Hospital Prepared to Fight MU Challenges?
Community hospitals are facing challenges related to care co-ordination, implementation of EHR and maintenance of security and privacy of PHI (patient health information). The requirements of Meaningful Use (MU) program have also introduced unique challenges for these hospitals.
Industry Facts:
  • According to a study published in Health Affairs, adoption of HIT and EHR in rural hospitals across America is low compared to other hospitals
  • Meaningful Use has created unique challenges for small, rural hospitals, according to a Community Hospital Health IT survey Read More...

Community Hospitals Seeking Help from Billing Companies

Community hospitals need to start focusing on meeting Meaningful Use Stage 2 requirements. Since they have limited time and money for conducting trial and error with EHR systems, MU attestation timeline gets limited.

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Rising Health IT Demands - How is your Practice Coping?
Health IT implementation has had a positive impact on numerous medical practices. It has not only benefitted patients but also helped physicians to reduce errors, paperwork and enhance the quality of care.
Industry Facts:
  • According to the Cost Survey Report of 2013 by Medical Group Management Association (MGMA), there has been an increase of 27.8% in technology costs between 2008 and 2012
  • As per government estimations, the US healthcare system might need 50,000 more employees for implementing and sustaining HIT in the coming years Read More...
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