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Thursday November 6, 2014
Is your EHR Prepared to Fight Ebola Crisis?
Physicians need to start focusing on EHRs for preventing the spread of Ebola. According to healthcare experts, America can fight the outbreak of diseases like Ebola by improving and connecting EHR programs. The EHR software is being promoted as a key tool in screening potential carriers of the deadly virus.
Quick Facts:
  • Physicians who use EHRs can score higher on care quality measures for issues like colorectal cancer, diabetes, chlamydia and breast cancer according to Becker's Healthcare, a leading source of legal and business information for the healthcare industry mentioned in its Spine review
  • Outpatient medical facilities (OPD) that have been adopting and using a health record system for over 15 years can have net savings of $142 billion whereas inpatient facilities can have net savings of $371 billion as reported by iHealthBeat, a daily news digest reporting on the impact of technology on healthcare Read More...

Importance of Coding in Responding to Ebola

Coding for Ebola is as important as the selection of an effective EHR system. There is no code for Ebola in ICD-9 and this lack of coding specificity is marring the ability of practices to track and respond to the virus.

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Revenue Cycle Strategies that Every Practice should Adopt
Managing the revenue cycle performance in a competitive healthcare environment involves risks as well as opportunities. Factors like increasing patient responsibilities, payment model changes and stringent regulations have made revenue cycle management challenging for providers.
Industry Facts:
  • The market revenue for physicians RCM applications and services is expected to grow by 21.6% in the coming years. It will reach $14.6 billion by 2016
  • Around 25% of medical practices income is lost due to missing charges, under-coding and underpricing Read More...
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