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Tuesday November 26, 2013
Is your medical documentation safe from data breaches?
Data breaches in healthcare industry have become more common in recent times. The healthcare sector is one of the most vulnerable industries to data breaches and this mainly occurs due to hacking and cyberattacks. These breaches affect the healthcare industry and can hamper the practice if not taken care of.
Industry fact states
  • Around 94% of healthcare organizations have had at least one data breach in the past two years
  • On an average, around 27,000 individuals are affected by a single data security breach
  • About 66,000 individuals are affected by a single breach of portable media
Security breaches can cost a healthcare organization an average of $2.4M over 2 years.
Few basic tips to ensure safety from data breaching:

  • Protect computer systems used for official purpose
  • Secure laptops and remote devices with password protection

MBC helps physicians cope against data breaches:

Secured Data Protection t: MBC uses EHRs for its medical billing and coding requirements...

Medical Record Requests : MBC provides all the patient document records to...

Patient Rights and Advocacy : MBC protects all the information about...

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Understanding the art of patient scheduling to improve patient flow

Managing patient scheduling is a form of art. Patient scheduling requires maintaining a healthy balance between patient inflow and outflow. If not managed properly, whether on paper or online, it may lead to an uneven stream of patient flow leading to less satisfied patients and frustrated staff members. Lack of a structured scheduling system always results in dissatisfied patients and loss of revenue.

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