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Tuesday September 16, 2014
Overcoming Top 4 Physician Practice Challenges
Independent physician practices face internal as well as external challenges. Payment cuts, increasing practice costs, lack of skilled resources are some of the factors due to which running an independent practice has become difficult.
Industry Facts:
  • According to a 2013 Wolters Kluwer Health survey, financial management and shifting payment models are the top two challenges faced by majority of physicians in the US
  • As per Doctors Company survey, 60% physicians believe that healthcare reform will affect patient care in a negative manner Read More...

How is MBC Helping Physicians Overcome These Challenges? has been helping 42 medical specialties across the US sail through the above-mentioned challenges. MBC has a strong team of certified coders and billers who are well-trained in handling billing complexities and strengthening the revenue cycle for physicians.

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Why is it Critical for Doctors to Ensure Work-Life Balance?
The complexities and pressures of today’s healthcare environment have made stress management a necessity for physicians in the US. Considering the increase in workload, doctors are experiencing an imbalance in their personal and professional life. To sail through challenges, they are either selling their practice to a hospital or quitting the medical profession.
Industry Facts:
  • A survey by American College of Chest Physicians Sleep Institute states that most doctors sleep only for few hours than what is actually needed for optimum performance
  • On an average, face-to-face clinic visit doesn’t last more than 16 minutes as physicians increase number of patients to make ends meet Read More...
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