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Tuesday November 27, 2012
Patient satisfaction equals to nearly 30% more income!
Improving patient satisfaction can significantly help enhance profitability & revenue by - reducing malpractice claims, increasing referrals, increasing patient volumes and consequently lowering risk.
According to Industry Standards:
  • Patient dissatisfaction can lead to patient’s willingness to recommend or return dropping anywhere between 30% - 50%.
  • Organizations with consistently high levels of patient satisfaction are among the most financially successful.
  • A study depicted that approx. 30% of variance in profitability can be attributed to patient perceptions of the quality of care & satisfaction.
How to enhance patient service to increase Revenue & Profitability at your practice?
  • Develop the ability of the front-line staff to respond well to the patient’s top four to six problems.
  • Fix processes and proactively ensure patient education to prevent the top four to six problems.
  • After executing effective response processes (Step 1), aggressively elicit complaints.
  • Strive to create a highly visible Patient Relations function at the practice.
Enhance the bottom line via improved loyalty, word-of-mouth marketing, & risk reduction.
Why patient satisfaction?
Physicians should immediately put these measures into practice especially as Hospitals and Home Health agencies already have a percentage of their CMS reimbursement dependent upon patient satisfaction benchmarks.
Ensuring Patient satisfaction with MBC…
MBC’s medical billers and coders follow these steps to achieve high levels of patient satisfaction -
  • Assistance in measuring & analyzing the physician’s current state of operations.
  • Help determine areas of improvement as perceived by the patients.
  • Help identify areas of concern in order to develop & implement customized solutions.
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Significant benefits reaped by our clients in the past include:
Patient Retention Getting a new customer is on average 5 times more expensive than retaining current customers.
Word-of-Mouth Advertising Reducing negative experiences by implementing patient satisfaction strategies to maintain and grow the client base.
Reduced Malpractice Costs Poor communication is the prime reason for most patients filing a malpractice suit.

With MBC as your billing partner acquire:

Increased Patient loyalty + Improved Market Presence + Improved Performance
  = Higher revenues!      

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