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Wednesday November 26, 2014
Physicians Quitting their Jobs Due to Poorly-designed EHRs
Poorly-designed EHRs are taking a toll on US physicians. Regular notifications, pop-ups, emails and check-boxes in the EHR system have been distracting them from offering quality patient care. Overabundance of alerts and alarms is also increasing negative perception of the technology which has brought down the job satisfaction levels among physicians and non-physician clinicians.
Industry Facts:
  • According to a study conducted by the American Journal of Managed Care, poorly-designed EHR systems are forcing doctors to take early retirement. It is also contributing to high turnover among frustrated physicians
  • As per a research letter in JAMA Internal Medicine, 87% physicians are of the view that the number and frequency of EHR alerts is “excessive” Read More...

Are you Satisfied with your EHR?

It has been observed that providers who are able to perceive the benefits of EHR and health IT in better healthcare provision are more successful in surviving the challenges of Obamacare. They are not only satisfied with their workflow but also less likely to quit.

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How does your Practice Handle Patients with High Deductibles?
The patient payment collections process has become more difficult due to the increase in healthcare plans with high deductibles. Failure to understand the emerging trend of high- deductible plans can have adverse effects on the revenue cycle of hospitals and physician practices. Since payment responsibilities have shifted to patients, managing patients with such plans has become a challenge for the providers in US.
Industry Facts:
  • According to America’s Health Insurance Plans, there has been a 15% growth per year in the number of people with health savings account / high deductible health plans. The number reached 15.5 million in 2013
  • According to the healthcare industry reports, around 20 million patients will join the healthcare system by the end of 2014 and out of which an alarming 80% of newly-insured patients will be at the risk for non-payment Read More...
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