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Tuesday December 11, 2012
Reimbursements on an average fall by 5% p.a. - Enhance
 your practice's collections now!
Providers have been facing a high number of decreased reimbursementsover the past few years, with certain specialties facing significant declines. The largest declines in reimbursement have beenseen in general surgery, orthopedic surgery, radiology and emergency medicine.
Industry standards state:
Reimbursements have been falling on an average by 5% per year since 2005.
According to AMA –
  • 1995- 2003 – physicians’ net income adjusted for inflation declined by 7%
  • 1995- 2008 – physicians’ reimbursement declined at an even greater 25%
In 2012 physician income declined in general.
Why physician’s income has been declining?
  • Increased administrative work : More than half of physicians spend atleast 4 hours...
  • Increasing Pressure to slow cost : Physician reimbursements are an easy target to...
  • Negotiation : Most physicians practice in smaller groups and cannot unite due to...
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Why physicians urgency to enhance their practice's collections?
Most of the US physician’s view the decline of income to be a cause of worry and frustration, stating that:
  • Increased work & reduced income by 60% as compared to 10 years back
  • Too many people involved between patient care and patients
  • Only about 11% of physicians feel they are adequately reimbursed, while 45% feel their income is on par with non-physicians
  • Increased regulation and documentation takes the joy out of medicine
  • Physician fear the affect ACO’s will have on patient care and physician compensation
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