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Thursday June 28, 2012
Speciality practices cater to 42-49% of Medicare populace
  • Means nearly half of your total patient population comprises of Medicare beneficiaries
  • Federal Government has announced implement ation of Medicare reimbursements cuts in the near future
Impact of Medicare reimbursements cuts on doctors:
  • Approximately 4-5% cuts expected each year through 2012, - can result in a substantial erosion of practice revenues
  • Practice will find it hard to compete, sustain, and grow - on marginal revenues from private insurance reimbursements
  • Extreme possibility - the cumulative effect of such Medicare cuts may even bring practices on the brink of sell-out or closure
To decelerate the impact of Medicare Reimbursement Cuts on the medical fraternity; seeking services of specialists could be the key!
Outsourced medical billing offers you:
  • Specialization to maximize clients’ revenue
  • Voluminous operations reduce medical billingcosts
  • Market-orientation ensures medical billing compliance with industry standards
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Tackling Medical Billing with MBC’s specialist services: – by virtue of being the leading consortium of medical billers and coders across the U.S – is uniquely poised to play the defining role in this regard. Combining its unique legacy with a comprehensive process of medical billing RCM

Patient Services (Save 5%) Encounter Services (Save 12%)
Appointment Scheduling Transcription
Patient Enrollment Coding
Eligibility Verification Claims Generation
Pre-Cert-Per-Auth Claims Generation & Submition
AR Services (Save 10%) Payment Services (Save 5%)
Denial Follow-up Payment Review
Denial Analysis Payment Posting
Insurance Follow-up Payment Balancing
Patient Follow-up additionally offering value added services like consultancy and credentialing promises to guide physician practices through these testing times.

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